Directions to Church


Driving directions to Grace and Truth Evangelistic Church (1326 Fairview Ave, Joliet, IL).

From I-57:
  1. Take I-57 south to I-80 west.

  2. Merge onto I-80 W via EXIT 345B toward IOWA.

  3. Take the US-30/ MAPLE ST exit, EXIT 137. 0.3 mi

  4. Turn LEFT onto W LINCOLN HWY/ W MAPLE ST/ US-30 W. Continue to follow US-30W.

  5. Turn RIGHT onto WALNUT ST. 0.4 mi

  6. WALNUT ST becomes WALNUT AVE. 0.1 mi

  7. WALNUT AVE becomes DRAPER AVE. 0.6 mi

  8. Turn LEFT onto E WOODRUFF RD. 0.2 mi

  9. Turn RIGHT onto N FAIRVIEW AVE. 0.2 mi

10. Church is about two blocks in on the corner

of Juniper and Fairview.

From I-55: 

Take I-55 south to Joliet Road exit. Continue approximately 7 miles (past Lewis University) to Renwick Road, turn left. Go about a mile (over railroad tracks) to State St. (route 171). Turn right and continue approximately 3 miles (you will go through Lockport, IL.). Past the sign "Welcome to Joliet", turn left at the light (Woodruff Road. The Old Joliet state prison is on either side). Cross the railroad tracks until you get near the top of the hill (Fairview Road), and turn left. Go about two blocks to 1326 Fairview (the corner of Fairview and Juniper), the church is on the right side of the street.